Sales Tax Advisory Services (SAS) is a dynamic team of professionals from the fields of business and management having years of experience in providing consultation, audit, tax and accounting services to manufacturing, trading, exporting and service oriented concerns. Professionals in Tax Laws and Accounting also play a key role in the management.

Sales Tax

General Sales Tax (GST), which is a modified form of Value Added Tax (VAT). In Pakistan, since recent years, more and more goods and services are being brought within the ambit of the GST regime and GST occupies a pivotal place in the current regime of taxation. Rampant changes in the GST law and lack of knowledge on the part of tax administrators and taxpayers have made it intricate and difficult.

Tax Investigations

The focus on tax compliance is increasing. If you want to make the most of your relationship with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), then you need an adviser who knows FBR’s structure, practices and compliance processes inside out. Our Tax Investigations team is a truly national team in the tax risk and investigation management market. This means that we use the right expert, with the right specialist knowledge to assist you, wherever you may be located. Our experts travel throughout Pakistan to advise, represent and defend our clients. Our experts have a wealth of experience in dealing with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) tax enquiries. Our experts are skilled in negotiating manageable settlements with FBR across all taxes.

Income Tax

Our Team provides taxation services to very wide range of corporate and private clients and our services include the following:

Preparation and filing of tax returns pertaining to income tax of corporate clients.
Preparation and filing of tax returns pertaining to income tax of individuals, association of persons, trusts, registered firms and not for profit organizations.
Preparation and filing of wealth statements of individuals along with reconciliation and tax planning.
Attending hearings and assisting clients in preparation of information and explanation for submission to the tax authorities and dealing with matters leading up to finalization of assessment.
Filing and dealing with appeals before the appropriate tax authorities Advising clients on tax planning and on specific tax problems Conducting tax audits to ensure the compliance of provisions of tax laws.
Appointed by Federal board of Revenue to conduct tax audits.
Obtaining tax exemption certificates.
Obtaining tax refunds.
Mergers and acquisitions.

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